No one seems to care

I’ve had psoriasis since I was 7, then started with joint swelling & pain at 10. They thought it was rheumatoid arthritis. It then went away till I got to about 18. Kept being hospitalized as I couldn’t walk due to severe pain in what felt was my hips. Still no diagnosis, even though I had psoriasis all over me. Eventually I was diagnosed with PsA and put on methotrexate, which was not really working. Then the same doctor from my hospital said in his opinion I didn’t have PsA and that my pain now was due to having twins and that I was depressed. He sent me away with some antidepressants and said no need for me to come back.

To cut the story a bit shorter, I am now 54 and was only diagnosed about 3 years ago. They refused to give me any meds and kept cancelling my appointment for over a year and a half. I eventually paid to see a specialist who didn’t really want to focus on my case as he said I was already under a rheumatologist higher than him. He did phone and tell me that now my spine is fused in 3 places and he would recommend biotics or whatever… .I have since been put on a waiting list for them. I found out I have lung desease, a fatty liver, and sky high bloods! Of which is normal for me? Only last 2 been like it. I feel it’s too late for me now and it’s all hit me for six, as no one even told me all these things and they’ve known for 3 years when they refused me meds. I feel totally let down by the National Health Service (NHS) and my doctor as he said the hospital seems to have a problem with me?? Rant over, confused though.

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