I Woke Up In A New World With Psoriatic Arthritis

I woke up in a world of pain and anger. Psoriatic arthritis has caused me more pain than I have ever known. Also, more anger.

Anger and psoriatic arthritis

I am angry that this happened to me. I am angry at doctors who look at me like I am a dope head. I am angry at the people who tell me it is all in my head. But as angry as i am, I would never wish this on anybody. I could drive a five hour round trip to the pain center every month, but why bother?

Treatment and my immune system

They do not give me strong enough meds to kill the pain, just strong enough to frustrate me. So why bother. The shots that do help a little, lower my immune system so much that not only do I hurt, I am too sick to function.

I need help, but dont know where to get it. Its a new world.

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