My Journey to Diagnosis

Since my mid-30’s (48 currently) I have had countless steroid injections in my shoulders, hips and elbows, back, not to mention the hours upon hours of physical therapy. I even had surgery on one elbow because the tendinitis would not improve. I was told numerous times the tears in my joints were due to aging and “wear & tear”.

A chance meeting with a rheumatologist

It was by fluke that I made an appt with a rheumatologist over concerns my teen daughter may be developing an autoimmune disorder contributing to migraines that I also made an appt for myself. Nothing like having a doctor walk in and say “I’ve read through your records. You’re a mess!” In the span of that 30 min appt I suddenly understood so much about what I had been dealing with and how it was all connected (tendinitis, bursitis, labrum tears, back & neck disc issues and FATIGUE, oh the fatigue!).

Feeling hopeful and ready to learn

It’s been a year of trial and error with medication, but I’m hopeful my doctor and I have found the right one/dose, at least for now (injectable methotrexate). Hoping to stay off biologics as long as I can.

Happy to have found this forum and learn from everyone else’s experiences.

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