Marijuana to treat PsA

My husband has had psoriatic arthritis for at least 25 years but this last year has been extremely painful for him. He was on Enbrel for many years but his dermatologist thought Humira would be better. After switching to Humira, he went thru extreme pain and stiffness in his neck, hands, shoulders. Stayed on it for 4 months and switched back to Enbrel. But Enbrel hasn’t provided him with the relief he had before switching. He has been back on Enbrel for the last 9 months and still has debilitating pain and fatigue. Doctor is thinking of trying another biological. He has just lost one year of his life. His pain levels fluctuate but are at 10 at least 4 days a week.

We live in Washington State and marijuana is legal here. Has anyone tried any marijuana products that give relief from pain?

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