Hands that comfort but can’t be comforted.

I myself have arthritis, but my elderly aunt who recently turned 74, has been living with it for many years now. I love my aunt and it saddens me, yet oddly comforts me looking at her age-worn and knotted hands. Her arthritis has caused each joint in her fingers to swell and knot. When I look at her hands I see a lifetime of hard work and love etched in every line, I also see pain and how much she can no longer do as before due to the pain and nothing to help her.

The impact of psoriatic arthritis on the hands

My aunt is a very special person who has always worked hard and always taken care of everyone. She chose my unique name and I would love to win this for her so maybe she can find a little bit of ease. There is so much I could tell about my aunt and her life, but not enough space. Just to mention a little besides hardworking, loving, strong, caring, kind hearted, she is my rock, my friend, my comfort, my cook at times, and has lost so much ability to do as before because the awful daily pain.

She has hands that can still comfort, but yet no longer able to feel comfort herself from this debilitating pain. It saddens me that there is nothing to ease her pain and when I look at her hands I see a life of hard work, sorrow, strength, love and joy in each line of those beautiful hands. Hands that have hoed, cooked, held, healed, loved, caressed, taught and cared all through the years, no longer straight but knotted from arthritis and years of suffering.


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