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Recently diagnosed Fiona F

I’m new to the site. I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia, after suffering endometriosis for 10 years and Drs telling me it was just getting worse, after endless bloods taken X-rays MRI scan, one minute the rheumatologist looked at my poor hands and feet. I was put on methotrexate 2 weeks ago. They said can take 4-12 wks for this to work or see any change if any. I’m losing weight constantly, pain is so bad and the fatigue, so hard take in just now as I’m normally a fit energetic person. They said all the trauma and stress over last 3 years has contributed to diagnosis x.

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  • CathyD moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi FionaF64,

    Thank you for sharing with us. So sorry to read that you are suffering with pain and fatigue. Hopefully the methotrexate will kick in soon and you can get some relief!! It can be extremely difficult and a huge adjustment when you learn that you have a chronic illness. Please lean on us anytime you need to, we are here for you and so glad that you found us.

    – CathyD

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