Explaining to friends that you don’t look ‘that’ ill

Over many years of treatment for PsA, we have all heard the comment, “Well you don’t look that ill.”

Sometimes friends will say it as a way to cheer you up, meaning you look ok today, but sometimes it seems a little judgemental like you are exaggerating your illness.

I once explained to a friend that, in order to look ‘not that ill’, during the course of a year I need to:
Inject 1040ml of methotrexate,
Take 312 folic acid tabs to cope with the side issues,
Swallow 2190 Tramadol and 1460 paracetamol to help with the pain,
Have 730 Arthrotec pills for swelling, and finally 730 Amitriptyline tabs to help me sleep and relax my already shredded muscles, ready for the next daily battle to commence.

Next time a friend says you don’t look ‘that ill,’ just work out your yearly meds and tell them what you need to put into your body just so you don’t look ‘that ill’,

It’s amazing how quiet they tend to go lol.

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