Invisible Illness Month

Invisible Illness - But You Look Fine!

Last updated: November 2018

When others can't see your pain and difficulty functioning, you may be faced with skepticism and doubt. Those with an invisible illness like PsA often get accused of faking or imagining their symptoms.

Many people think that if you don't look sick, you can't be sick.

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Join the ConversationHas anyone ever made an insensitive remark like, "I wish I could lay around all day"? When others don't see your symptoms but make a comment about your activity, how do you respond? When others don't see your symptoms.... Started by: rebeccabWeigh inInvisible SufferingI Just Want to be Normal "I couldn’t go out with my friends. I felt trapped & alone. I also didn’t get any help from my family. They didn’t believe what I was going through." by chappoHow has having an invisible illness affected your work life and relationships?Share your story

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