Psoariatic Arthritis Ended My Career

I was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis after a life of “shock & stress” when I was 30. Just a nuisance thing controlled by shampoo & cream.

In August 2017, working as a nurse, I contracted Influenza A (with strep throat) & was quite unwell. Then that following December, my back was causing pain & I had pain in the groin while walking. The x-ray didn’t show much.

It started with a visit to the hospital

On the 14th of December, I woke with excruciating pain all over my body. I had to take an ambulance to the hospital. Diagnosis “sciatica” (oh, and weight loss would be good! - here, try Endone!).

A few days later, more agonizing pain again. Ambulance to the hospital again. The doctor thinks an MRI would be helpful for diagnosis. I got an urgent MRI of my back & hip two days later. MRI revealed severe arthritis with hip joint bone on bone! I was shocked!

Finally, a diagnosis

When I finally saw a rheumatologist in March, I was diagnosed psoriatic arthritis. The condition has progressed in hands, feet & other joints now. Finally under medications to control it but had to resign from work, due to too much pain. I had my first hip replacement in September 2018 with my second hip in February 2020.

Trying to enjoy retirement

I'm learning to live my best life with psoriatic arthritis. Staying positive, watching diet, exercise, weight loss & trying to enjoy retirement!

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