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Using Curcumin, my experience so far.

Firstly, let me say I am not associated in any way, shape or form with any herbal (or any other) medication company.
I have, over the many, many years of suffering from this awful illness, and tried many things (wisely and otherwise) to help.
I posted a while back a list of my then current meds, so I won’t bore you again with them.

I researched Curcumin, a widely available extract from turmeric as it seemed to keep coming up in various anti-inflammatory articles, and thought I would give it a try.
Purchased some pills and, for the first month, basically no difference but decided to keep going for a while as a few articles had said that it takes time to get established in your system.

I am in my 4th month of taking it now, and have managed to cut down my intake of 150 mg per day of Sodium Dicloenac to zero, and also have stopped swallowing so many tramadol and paracetamol to ease the pain caused by inflammation. Now I am not saying this is a miracle cure, this is basically what I have found over the last few months, so like everything associated with this godforsaken illness, it’s still early days.

Just thought I would share it so anyone else considering it can see what it is doing for me at present.

Keep smiling.

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  • dfbruce47
    6 months ago

    VickiN Would you like to provide a “tip” for a new app for newly diagnosed patients with PsA? You don’t have to give your name or email – just a tip that’s helped you or what to watch out for with psoriatic arthritis. I can post the link for the tip. Thank you. Dr. Debra Bruce (medical writer/author)

  • VickiN moderator
    6 months ago

    So pleased that you have seen measurable improvement!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

  • ClairG moderator
    6 months ago

    @Martin thank you for sharing this. I am using cucurim and feeling a little, disheartened by the lack of results. I will stick it out a little longer.

  • Diane T
    6 months ago

    I am on my 3rd month of using curcumin. I spoke to my doctor first before starting this. We did a trial and error sort of thing. I stop taking my medication altogether. I started using curcumin. I felt pretty good for the first 3 weeks and than the pain started coming back. I was taking 4 pills a day before curcumin so I added in one pill to see if there was any difference. I was still in too much pain, so I added in 2 pain pills a day with the curcumin. It has been 3 months and I’m still taking 2 pain pills a day a long with the curcumim. My question to you is how much curcumin do you used a day?

  • martin author
    6 months ago

    Hi Diane.
    Like you say, it’s very much trial and error. I researched many pills and found one that contains only curcumin and bioperine (some contain less curcumin, but are padded out with things like tomato, garlic etc). The one I’m using is giving me 500mg of curcumin per pill (I take 2 daily).
    As I said though Diane, it has helped with the inflammation side of things, enabling me to cut my prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. I still get pain, but that comes from damage already done and unfortunately only a miracle can do anything about that lol.
    Also, as we are all reminded, this is a progressive disease, so we can only manage it, we can’t irradiate it.
    What I have found though is, with the inflammation being more under control I am relying less on my daily dose of painkillers.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am still having bad days where I am taking tramadol etc, but thankfully these days seem to be getting further apart and not a daily ritual.
    Good luck with your progress Diane, as you must know this horrible disease will try to find ways to beat our best efforts, so keep trying new things, keep asking questions and most of all, keep positive.

  • SeanXD
    7 months ago

    I agree, my arthritis was so bad I had to go on medicine because I am so young and my joints will be really F’d up in the future, but in addition to medicine, I take turmeric pills every day, just to give me a little boost 😉

  • martin author
    7 months ago

    Good to see it’s working for someone else !!. I’ve found a place that does 500mg pills, just curcumin and biopirine , so getting a good ‘hit’ from that now. Hope things go well for you SeanXD, it’s a horrible illness at any age, but as you say, being young has got to be really frustrating.
    Just keep taking the meds, and always ask questions (no such thing as too many questions).

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