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Life has turned hard !

First symptom of something brewing was April 2020! During covid lockdown!
Stiff fingers and incredibly painful to do tasks! Had a lot of back and forth phone calls to G.p and I felt they wanted to fob me off with painkillers!

But I had also noticed a patch of what I thought could be psoriasis on my scalp and mentioned this to new G.p.

Finally got an appointment with rheumatologist. It was a video call and he finally said I think it could be the menopause. It can cause painful joints! So off I went for X-rays and MRI. I got my phone call Dec 2020. I think you have psoriatic arthritis!

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I saw him in real life in the January for a kenalog injection and this had short lived relief! I was then told sulfasalazine and methotrexate. The nurse said no, just the sulfasalazine for now. I had a review and he asked why I wasn't on methotrexate. I said the nurse said no!!

After this appointment I was on methotrexate. I went into remission in March. Came off all meds. life has been amazing from March 2023. Then I caught covid sept 2023 and I’m flaring! I am in touch with the nurse who requested bloods, but I don’t get to see anyone. I have phone call appointment in December 2023, either with nurse or consultant!

I do not feel well cared for in my journey at all! I have seen a consultant only 2 times since diagnosis in 2020. It's now 2023! Not seen anyone! I am in pain and g.p not bothered. Life is a battle to get the correct care x

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