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Remission in Psoriatic Arthritis: Miracle, Myth or Reality?

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about a pain-free life? How about even a day with limited pain? Well, then you've gotten lost in happy thoughts about PsA remission.

Remission is the state of any disease where you experience little to no severe symptoms. Amazing, right? For people like us, it sounds like heaven. But is it even possible?

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My own journey with psoriatic arthritis remission...

Achieving remission with PsA is possible. How do I know this? Well, I experienced it - during a time in my life before I was on a biologic treatment. That said - and as you can guess, remission didn't last forever.

My own journey with remission was quite rigorous and different for everyone. I am proud to share my journey and experience to hopefully give you some faith and insight on your own journey.

A joint partnership with my doctor

It was during an emergency visit to my doctor. I was complaining about my joint pain. It was getting worse and I just couldn’t take it anymore. He said, “If you want to escape permanent disability and joint damage, let's make a plan.”

The plan my doctor gave was a regimented medication schedule with two regular check-ups a month. Within the first month, we did not see much progress. So, my doctor increased the dosage of my medication. During the second month, I got some relief from the joint pain and my nails started getting into a better shape.

During the third month, the joint pain came back and pinned me to my bed. I was really disappointed and lost all of my motivation.

Emotional support can make all the difference

My doctor motivated me. He offered emotional support and encouraged me to continue. I reflected. If not this, what other options do I have? Tolerate miserable joint pain? Realizing this, I continued my plan even more strictly.

The doses of my medications were increased during the fourth month and boom, during the sixth month, I was like “What joint pain? Is this is a miracle?”

Do you know what kept me strong and upright during this journey? My determination and faith. Along with this, my doctor made sure I didn’t fall at any point and if I did, he supported me.

Remission doesn't have to be the finish line

I know we are all different and that we all react to medications differently. Remission doesn't have to be the finish line. In fact, there is no finish line - this race is our lifestyle.

We have to take the medication to withhold disease progression, bone damage, and the hope of remission. I will also mention that drug-free remission is also possible but very rare.

My dear psoriatic arthritis survivors, begin this journey with a lot of positivity, faith, and strength. My remission only lasted a few months, but it was a wonderful few months. I wish you continued hope and pain-free days as you daydream and one day may receive remission. Good luck on this journey.

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