Can’t get a diagnosis

I have had psoriasis for nearly 30 years. About 15 years ago I began experiencing extreme shoulder pain. I went to a doctor who told be based on my history of skin psoriasis that it was Psa and wanted to perform surgery to shave off part of my collar bone to reduce the friction. I declined. He did give me a cortisone shot, which worked for about 3 weeks, but he told me that I was too young for regular cortisone shots. So I just dealt with the pain, which eventually lessened. A few years ago I developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet, though I am not diabetic nor do I abuse alcohol. My neurologist referred me to a rheumatologist in case my neuropathy and psoriasis are related. The rheumatologist told me I don’t have any arthritis markers in my blood despite my symptoms and said there was nothing he could do for me. I have constant pain in both shoulders, making dressing difficult, occasional pain I’m my lower back and a few joints in my fingers. Does anyone have any suggestions for what questions to ask or any tests to ask for that might get a diagnosis even without arthritis markers?

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