Misdiagnosed, Plantar Fasciitis, Pain.

I celebrated my 39th (October 7, 2016) birthday with my family in the mountains. My husband and I went to the casino and walked around town. My daughters came up and brought my son, we went to the mine and walked the apple orchard picking apples followed by a hayride with stories of the area. I enjoyed my birthday, to say the least.
The following day I was at work (I am a nurse) upstairs when a code blue was announced. I locked my cart and took off running, deciding to take the stairs because they were closer and faster. I went to turn the corner and fell down the last 2 steps (bumping the back of both heels). I stopped for a minute but continued to the code. I performed CPR for 20 minutes on the floor on the person, when I went to stand I couldn’t feel my legs and needed help to balance. I told everyone around what happened and went on back to my unit. I took some Ibuprofen and iced but kept going.
Being a nurse I do not see the doctor unless the problem is present for 7 days. So when it didn’t get in better I called my PCP. They did x-rays and said I should see my podiatrist, he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and gave me an injection in both feet, prednisone taper, braces and a sleep splint, and exercises to do at home. 3 weeks later I wasn’t any better, in fact, I felt worse. I was seen by another doctor in the practice and she diagnosed me with Achilles tendonitis with plantar fasciitis. I had multiple injections, medications, x-rays, and fought for an MRI. I asked with each visit since it’s inflammation could psoriasis make it worse, they assured me it was fine.
My friend Kim suggested I get a second opinion and see her podiatrist, I did and he suggested since its both feet to see a Rheumatologist. I continued to see the Rheumatologist who ran a blood panel per my request, they showed NOTHING. I was becoming frustrated, what was wrong with me, I am a active mom, wife and nurse. I have been reduced to using the wheelchair to buy groceries. I was put on light duty at work. I could not take my son to the beach, zoo or baseball games because of the pain. I did months of PT with little improvement. I am a nurse in a Rehab department with PT/OT every day and no one could figure out what was wrong with me.
I finally agreed to have surgery on my right foot to have a plantar fascia release and remove the very small bone spur. Results, an unstable foot that received a grade 3 sprain with an avulsion fracture. I refused at this point to have my left done and went to a rheumatologist. This rheumatologist had me take off my shoes and socks, asked me how long I have had psoriasis (I was diagnosed at age 9), she did x-rays and blood work. She diagnosed me with PsA November 13, 2017, and prescribed Humira. I am currently losing my job because they can no longer accommodate my restrictions. I still can’t stand or walk for more than 20 minutes at a time. Morning stiffness?….Like all day immobility. I was denied workers comp. I can not hold my son because of the pain. I can not walk on the beach with my husband I can not go shopping with my daughters. I no longer remember how it feels not to have pain. I refuse to take narcotics. I want answers and treatment that works.

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