My Morning Routine

Last updated: July 2017

This probably sounds familiar to many with PsA:
Open eyes. Assess pain/stiffness/fatigue. Cough to clear lungs. Pray. Selftalk: "We can get out of bed. Slowly. Made it. Drink all water left in bottle. Chug!Chug!Chug! Can we walk on that foot/ankle/knee? Range of motion. Ow. Careful. Ok.... 5 steps. Cane or no cane? Cane. Got it! Am I dressed enough? House is always cold and cold really hurts. Sweater? Pants? Socks or slippers? Slippers. Can't get socks on. Sit and rest a minute. Look at FB/texts. Take meds.

Hobble/stumble to bathroom. "Whew! We made it. Steel yourself to get to the toilet. Made it, groaning. Contortionist postures...Yes! I can still reach to wipe. One day... Nope. Don't go there right now." Steroid inhaler alarm on phone. Take inhaler. Dismiss alarm. Rinse mouth.
"Coffee? Good there's still some here from early bird housemates. Might need to heat it. Not well enough to make more."

Sit down at dining room table and decide if I can make toast, carry cereal (or chew it), mix instant breakfast or grab leftovers or apple sauce. Watch birds at feeder for a moment of joy. Back to kitchen to finish coffee. And maybe some kind of breakfast. Using a spillproof cup which I can rest on my hand in case my fingers don't work right.

Probably interact with Mom, pushing 70, who says at least one of those things you aren't supposed to say to the chronically ill. Every.Single.Morning. Bite tongue and pray again.

Dining room chairs hurt. Decide to eat in. my bedroom. "Made it to room!" with coffee/tea/ breakfast. Maybe. Maybe not. "Crap. My hide-a-bed is still out." Decide: Do I l put it away or lounge in it today? Living with my parents temporarily means I don't have a permanent bed. I put down whatever I have in my hands onto the bedside table. Throw pillows on floor. Flatten blankets somewhat. Fold bed. Herculean effort and much grunting to push it in and replace 3 heavy cushions. If, in fact, this is a day in which I actually have the strength and mobility to do so.

Sit on loveseat, thankful I could do that today. Eat/ drink.

Scripture/ devotional and prayer, which varies: getting out bible and pens/ notebook/ highlighter may mean clearing off my bedside/ laptop table. Not gonna happen today? Use Bible Gateway on phone, and devotional book on phone. Take notes in app. Really bad day? Listen to bible and devotional on phone while lying in bed.

Check calendar/reminders/ write to-do and know I won't get it done. Prioritize items. Let's try 3.

Decide what to wear based on pain/ cold/ what's happening today. Do I NEED to change? Can I go without a bra since I'm at home? Do I wear the sports bra and have the smashed uniboob look or do I go for the good one that hurts and holds "the girls" up higher than they were created to hang? Grumble about society- ok, men- expecting women to wear a bra and thanking God we aren't expected to wear corsets.
Sniff armpits. Decide I can skip shower one more day and baby wipe essential areas. Dry shampoo, if I need it.
Dressing for real this time.
Good day? Jeans or jeggings, bra, socks shoes, nice fitted shirt. Bad day? Pajamas or jersy leggings and soft cotton tunic, maybe sweater or hoodie. Really bad? Pajamas or whatever clothes I ended up sleeping in last night.

Rest. Again. Check email. Make phone calls, yadda yadda...
Ok. You have to clean or organize SOMETHING. Even if it's just your purse. Feel accomplished.
Rest again. It's noon.

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