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Do you get stomach pain as a side effect from your PsA medication?

I have had stomach pain for the last 2 days after I eat. I take my 3rd starter dose tomorrow. Will my body acclimate to the medication after I’ve been on it after initial starter doses? Should I be concerned after 2 doses? It doesn’t bother me to go to hospital. No blood in the stool. Is this normal? Thank you!

Community Answers
  • Diane T
    9 months ago

    Hello Clairmarie,

    I would talk to my doctor if you are having any sort of pain. It might be something underlying that we don’t see. Are you starting a biologic? I have been taking psoriatic arthritis medication for over 20 years with no problem, but that is just me. If pain persist consult your doctor.

    Enjoy the New Year,


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