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  1. mrsnadal says:

    I find this impossible as I am my 8yo and 17yo carer. Both have autism. Its just the 3 of us and I do EVERYTHING. My youngest is active and wants to go swimming, trampoline etc and I do my best. But I never feel good enough and hate that I let him down sometimes. They help and do stuff obviously, but it really is just me! The pressure of that is massive and I don’t know if that keeps me going or makes me worse. A bit of both really.

  2. Diane T says:

    Our family is the worst. They really don’t understand. They see us on our good and bad days. Let them know that you need them and would appreciate their emotional support. Let them know you might feel insecure or even embarrasses. Tell them you are so drain that there are days you can’t get out of bed. Just talking can take your energy and keep you in bed all day. I want to participate in our family events, but I can’t.

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