New PsA diagnosis, how do I explain to my family?

Hi! I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I’ve had psoriasis since I was 15 but last year started having random symptoms. I’m 29 now and I was finally sent to a rheumatologist and diagnosed with PsA two weeks ago. My long term boyfriend, father of my two kids ages 2 and 7, I don’t think really understands what I’m going through. I’m wondering if you have any articles available that can help me explain what I’m going through. I’m going to the doctor Monday to review labs and x-rays and to choose which medication I want to try, as of now I’m only using naproxen which honestly doesn’t do much for the pain and does absolutely nothing for my fatigue. Thank you for this page it’s honestly helping me get through a lot of my frustrations with it because I don’t feel alone. – Vanessa

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  • CathyD moderator
    12 hours ago

    Thanks for updating us, Vanessa! I truly hope that the combination of meds brings you some relief. You just reminded me that I need to get my vitamin D levels checked – mine has been low so many times. I think as people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis we are more prone to being deficient.

    I am also taking methotrexate and folic acid, so if you have any questions or just want to chat to someone in the same boat, definitely don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep us updated and let us know what your boyfriend thinks of the articles! Big hugs <3

  • Rebecca moderator
    17 hours ago

    That low vitamin D can definitely make fatigue worse! We have a lot of other members here who ask about methotrexate in our treatment forum – you may want to check it out!

    Do let us know how you’re making out!

  • vsoto619 author
    1 day ago

    Hi Catherine & community so I went to my appointment today they started me with an injection of Methotrexate and then gave a prescription to take 6 pills every Monday, I also have to now add folic acid every day but Monday and vitamin D daily as I was low so she said that’s making my fatigue worse. She said usually in about 4-6 weeks I should start seeing results so hoping for a good outcome!!

  • vsoto619 author
    1 day ago

    Thank you @diane t, that’s a good idea to have a get together with close people so I’m not explaining it over and over, thank you so much

  • vsoto619 author
    1 day ago

    Thank you soo much Catherine!! I’m going to let him read these, hopefully he’ll get a better understanding although I know it’s hard since he’s not living it. But I just want him to be more aware. Thank you again and especially for the kind words!

  • Diane T
    1 day ago

    I didn’t know what to say to my family at first about my disease. I know that with my close friends I planned a paint party and explain to them what I would be going though for the rest of my life. Of course they had lots of questions and were very curious why my life would change? Just be honest and upfront. Some people will understand and others won’t. With the younger adults in my family I just said, “I’m in pain, and there just somethings I can’t do anymore.”

  • CathyD moderator
    5 days ago

    Hi Vanessa,

    A new diagnosis and everything that comes with PsA can be overwhelming and difficult at times. So glad that you found us, and that the community is helping. You are never alone here!! <3

    As you mentioned pain and fatigue, I picked out a couple of articles on these (perhaps your boyfriend could read them?):

    We also have a few articles which look at how those around us can best support us:

    And lastly, I found this one quite helpful: – it gives some tips for communicating what we're going through.

    I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with links! Are any of these helpful? Let us know if there is anything specific you would find useful, and we'll do our best to find it for you.

    I'll be thinking of you on Monday. Will you let us know how you get on?

    -Catherine, Community Moderator

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