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What are the best / recommended lotions for psoriasis?

What are the best / recommended lotions for psoriasis?

Community Answers
  • DebC
    2 years ago

    I really like UDDERLY SMOOTH not too expensive and feels nice.

  • nessasmalls
    2 years ago

    Hey there!

    I’ve had the best luck with Aveeno hydrocortisone, cocoa butter and coconut oil. I will also get a bottle of jojoba oil, rose hip oil or tea tree oil and apply after a shower, that seems to keep things moisturized over the night. Another remedy I’ve had a great experience with is CBD lotions, they assist with the joint pant or pain from psoriasis and are typically infused with other beneficial oils such as: Peppermint, Arnica and Juniper.

  • VickiN moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi JASS58! That’s a great question. We have some resources over on our sister site,, if you want to check that out later, but I’ll do my best to answer your questions here too 🙂

    There are really two kinds of lotions you can get for your psoriasis: moisturizers, and moisturizers with some sort of active ingredient aimed at reducing plaques or inflammation. To the first, it’s really important to keep your skin moisturized, as dry skin is more prone to cracking, bleeding, and itching! Many people use creams like Eucerin or Cetaphil for this purpose, but you can also use products like vaseline or coconut oil. It will be different for everyone depending on your skin type. I personally use coconut oil followed by Sattva Pure’s body butters (which I buy in 2L tubes off the internet, lol).

    If you’re looking for moisturizers with active ingredients, again everyone will recommend something different. If you’re looking for some community recommendations, you can find a bunch in the two articles below:

    A few others that come to mind that I’ve heard passed around are Dermarest, Psorval, Psoriasin, TriDerma and RevitaDerm.

    Anything with coal tar works well for me, as do tea tree oil additives. I also try and buy lotions with menthol because the cooling sensation is great for temporary itch relief. Please stop by anytime here or over on! And thanks for your question 🙂

    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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