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Has anyone had bariatric surgery?

Has anyone had bariatric surgery after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis?

I am making a list of things that will help me throughout the day to help with the pain. So far I have: Electric can opener
Long duster
Tall broom dustpan
A gripper to help get things on high shelves (do they sell them in the store?)

That’s so far. Any suggestions would be helpful. My strongest pain is in my lower back moving to the upper back and my hands hurt/weak. Especially when I am standing in place for a long time, washing dishes, preparing meals.

I never thought I would have arthritis and urinary incontinence at 47, I knew it would come eventually, now I feel old, useless. If I didn’t have a urinary problem I could go to the gym with my daughter, something I wish I could do because I’ve gained a lot of weight.

Community Answers
  • ClairG moderator
    11 months ago

    Such a great idea to make a list of things t hat make life easier. My favorite go to thing that helps me get things done when I am struggling. I vacuum instead of sweeping ( easier on my lower back). I have also learnt to rest in between getting things done. Can you maybe go for short walks?

  • Diane T
    11 months ago

    I have never had the surgery, but have purchase items to help me. A big nice pillow, cold and hot heating pads. Someone gave me a squeeze cake gadget that was amazing at picking up certain foods. I was on Amazon and saw a remote control mop. This will be my gift to me. Good luck on this journey; we are all there with you.

    Thank you,


  • Astrid
    11 months ago

    I haven’t had it but I just wanted to wish you luck. My aunt had it (but she doesn’t have any autoimmune diseases or anything) and so far she’s doing well.

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