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Are biologics allowed on airplanes?

Are biologic medications allowed in carry-on items when flying throughout the US? Internationally?

Community Answers
  • Casey moderator
    3 years ago

    This is an awesome question! Especially this time of year when many are traveling over the summer months! For anyone wondering about traveling with biologics, I found this article on our sister site for RA that may be helpful!

    It looks as though airport security measures allow individuals to travel with necessary medications and their supplies (like syringes), however, many biologics also need to be refrigerated or kept at specific temperatures. Putting these medications in checked luggage under the plane can lead to freezing or extreme fluctuations in temperature that may not be ideal. For this reason, it is acceptable, and encouraged to put your biologic medication in carry-on luggage and keep it with you at all times during your travel. However, regardless of federal guidelines and airport security rules, we always recommend talking to your provider before traveling for their best advice on how to carry your medication and what steps to take to keep your treatments in tip-top shape! -Casey, Team

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