Can Yoga Help Manage My Psoriatic Arthritis Pain?

I’ll be the first to admit, exercising has never be my forte, as they say. While I’ve always at least been “active,” playing a few sports or taking walks with my kids; things like running, mountain climbing, or cycling were never for me. But once I started with the aches and pains of psoriatic arthritis, even my “active” life took quite a hit. So I decided that I should look into getting on a (gentle) path to help get my body and mind in better shape, without overdoing it. What’s my plan? Yoga, of course.

Less pain and fatigue

What I am really looking for is days with less pain and especially less fatigue. All the research I’ve read tells me that consistent, light exercise can help strengthen my muscles and joints, improve my mood, and lose some weight. Those all sound pretty great to me. Some forms of yoga are very gentle, involving clear breathing and light stretches which can help manage the pain and fatigue of PsA.

Decreased anxiety

I deal with anxiety associated with my PsA. Because of this, I am hoping that yoga will be a great outlet for my anxiety. I hope that it will allow me to feel a little more control over my day-to-day life with psoriatic arthritis. Studies suggest that yoga can help relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.

Weight loss

This should go without saying, but I could really benefit from losing a few pounds. I’ve been on quite a run of steroids lately, not to mention my other meds. I’m pretty sure my body would feel much better minus a few pounds. I don’t expect huge amounts of weight loss, but a few would certainly be a great start.

Concerns with starting any new activity

Starting anything new can cause definite concerns and there is always a great deal to consider. After all, the last thing I want to do is make my condition worse. I don’t want to hurt more, nor do I want to send my body into a complete, flaring, rebellion.

Wasted energy

My energy is precious to me. Each day I have to make important decisions about how to “spend” my energy. I am a bit worried in starting this new adventure that I will use up my stores of energy on yoga, then not have enough leftover to do other things, like play with my kids or clean my house.

What if it hurts worse?

The LAST thing I’m looking for is more pain. Obviously. I’ve had a great deal of difficulty learning my limitations. I will fully admit to being concerned with overdoing it, especially at the beginning. I will do my best to start slow but I think for most of us, this is a real concern.

Anyone want to join me?

After really looking at the benefits and concerns about starting yoga, I really think it might be for me. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I will make sure to get the okay from her before I get started. Just as a reminder, you should also be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. Once you get the okay from your doctor, I’d love to know how you are doing! Comment below if you want to join me, after all, we could use all the support we can get.

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