What Can You Expect When Working With Pharmaceutical Companies to Get Your Treatments?

I was so happy to be retiring and starting to travel, visiting grandkids, and being a new great-grandma. My husband also retired, so we had plans for our future. My life has been made more difficult by having several chronic illnesses, not only because of the pain and discomfort it causes but also because of the high cost of treatment.

How much was my copay for my PsA prescription?

I had the worst flare that I had experienced in 20 years. My doctor wanted me to start a new medication. He called in the prescription and I was so happy to finally get some relief.

That was until I got a call that my copay was eight thousand dollars. I didn’t panic at first. I figure I’m retired with Medicare, so I am good to go. Boy was I wrong. They had to have some sort of backup plan for people on Medicare.

I was devastated. I knew I had to do something. I decided to reach out to the pharmaceutical company to see if they could offer me some financial assistance. They set me up to talk to someone on their patient support lines.

What did the pharmacutical company need from me?

Now, the fun begins. I had to give them personal and medical information, which was very intense. I had to collect so much information, such as doctor's notes, financial records, insurance, medication, and proof of address. So get organized and have accurate records. It will take time to put all this information together.

For me, I had unusual delays and follow-up inquiries. It seems like so many people would call me with the same questions. I would say try and be very patient, but also be persistent.

What should you do while on the phone?

Record your correspondence or take notes while speaking on the phone. Make sure to write down names and case numbers for the meeting. By doing this, you can maintain organization and deal with any problems that might develop.

These companies are strictly confidential when handling your personal and medical data. They treat your data security seriously and are obligated by privacy laws. With so many scams out there, these days we worry about your privacy.

Did I receive financial assistance?

The company that I used did help with the copay. It took 26 days from start to finish. There are some that will provide free medication. To determine how the program fits you, be sure to go over its specifics with the representative that you speak with.

What would I recommend?

It may first appear overwhelming to navigate the process. Just keep your cool and keep listening. You will get to the end of this. Oh, trust me, the documentation and communication requirements were demanding.

My recommendation is to be persistent. I lost a lot of tears but came out on top in the end. This is just based on my own experience. Keep accurate records, and take thorough notes. Keep in mind that they are there to help us.

Trust me, I am very grateful. I’m just not feeling the fact that if I didn’t take the necessary steps to fight for my medication I would just be suffering. Number one, I just think that the high price of medications is so unreasonable. I honestly don’t know how people are doing it.

Never be afraid to ask for assistance when needed, and never give up trying to get the prescription drugs that we need so desperately need for our health.

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