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Feeling the Worse Weather-Related PSA Pain

One of the very first articles on this site was my experience feeling an onset of symptoms when the temperature changes, specifically rain. It still holds true. My knees and back always seem to hurt with an approaching rainstorm.

More recently, we had a storm come through during the middle of the night that brought my pain to a whole new level. To say I did not get any sleep that night because of this pain level is a true understatement.

Describing the pain in my body

In the article, I wrote entitled “Predicting The Weather”, I tell the story of how as a young girl I would hear my grandfather say that rain was on its way. You see my grandfather had always felt the pain of an approaching storm because of osteoarthritis in his body.

With developing psoriatic arthritis, I can finally understand what he meant when he could feel the weather coming. Years later, my body also started to tell me when the weather would be turning to rain.

With every passing year, it seems I can feel it stronger and stronger. The pain starts in my knees and radiates throughout the rest of my body as the storm approaches. In past experiences, once the rain passed, I usually start to feel better.

The unrelenting overflow of pain

A more recent storm challenged everything. This particular doozy of a storm hit my joints hard. Yes, my joints let me know the storm was coming. What I wasn’t prepared for was how intense this storm would be and how much more it would make my body hurt in comparison.

The lightning that came with this storm seemed to pierce my inner body with each flash of light. I lay there in such pain, I started to cry. I cannot even begin to describe the pain this storm sent through my body.

The best I can do is to compare it to a river that is overflowing. The swift current seared through me like an unrelenting water flow. It felt like it was eroding away at my inner joints. It truly was the worse pain I ever felt within a storm.

Have you experienced this?

During this storm, our phones went off warning us there was a potential tornado in the area. We were lucky that wasn't true. However, now I worry. I worry that each storm that comes through can potentially put my body through that kind of pain again.

If you believe in global warming, the scientists are saying that each new passing storm will become more devastating and inflict more damage. In my opinion, my having psoriatic arthritis is like global warming. The more damage the PsA does the more these rainstorms are going to be felt.

Have you ever experienced something of this nature? Surely I cannot be the only one. If you have please let me know in the comments so I know it is not only me dealing with it.

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