Soaking Up Moon Beams and Watching the Sun Rise

Last updated: June 2018

Several years ago, I discovered that I didn’t suffer from insomnia like my doctors and I had both presumed. My issue with sleep wasn’t an inability to sleep; it was not sleeping when my body wanted to. Once I began following my body’s lead it rewarded me with the rest I needed. There was only one catch; the hours I slept weren’t always convenient or the ones I would have preferred.

Changing tides

A few times a year my days and nights flip-flop, it is not that I can’t sleep, but that my body is unwilling to sleep at night. Weather is usually to blame. Pressure that pushes in storms or heat waves is the worst. The pain I experience from it immobilizes me and renders me useless. The strange thing is that my symptoms usually improve by nightfall. In the past, I used to fight the pain and attempt to push through the day. But that only increased my pain. Then in the evening, I’d lie in bed wishing that I could sleep. I even tried medicating heavier to knock myself out, but that only made me groggier the next day.

My inner vampire

Then one day I realized that fighting something that I can’t change was a waste of time. So I embraced my inner vampire. I began by allowing my body to sleep during the hours when the weather would unmercifully beat it up. The next step was to start living during the evening hours instead of wasting those hours staring at the ceiling. Because I didn’t work outside of my home or have many commitments that required me to be awake every day during the daylight hours, I had the ability to follow this unorthodox schedule.

Moon beams and sun rises

I could throw a fit or complain about having to live like a vampire whenever the weather shifts, but I don’t. The reason I don’t is because I no longer allow it to stop me from accomplishing what needs to get done. While my family sleeps I cook, clean, write, and catch up on my favorite pastimes. There’s no need for my life to completely stop just because of a change in my schedule, plus these spells rarely last for more than a week at a time. I have learned to enjoy the beauty that the night holds. Its quietness makes it easier for me to think and work. With everyone else in my home asleep there is no one to interrupt or distract me from whatever I am working on. I marvel at the how magnificent the moon is while I sit on my patio at night. My most favorite part of a vampire spell is watching the sun rise. The moment when there is a hint of blue beyond the darkness, then little by little that blueness brightens and takes over the sky. After the sun rises I head to bed and drift off into a peaceful slumber. Is this how I want to live every day? No, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make the most of or enjoy it when it does happen. Have you experienced the vampire life? If so what are your triggers and how to you get through it?

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