My Terrifying PsA Side Effect Adventure

So there I was, embarking on yet another medicinal merry-go-round, courtesy of my ever-troublesome psoriatic arthritis. This time, however, the ride took an unexpected detour.

After an endoscopy revealed that my stomach and esophagus had been throwing a non-stop acid party, my doctor prescribed a new medication. You know, because why not add more excitement to my already thrilling life of managing autoimmune issues?

As someone who's no stranger to the ER thanks to medication side effects (yes, I'm that lucky), I'm the type to study those potential side effects like they're the last piece of chocolate on earth. Never alone with a new medication, I had my trusty sidekicks (aka my husband and mom) ready to monitor me; I started my new adventure.

The side effects could either show up for an impromptu hello right away or decide to crash my party months later. First up on the fun list was increased fatigue. Yay, more naps!

Enter the dragon: my hands

A few days into my new regimen, I got hit with a curveball that would make any baseball player jealous. Among the warnings for this magical potion was the potential for an autoimmune hissy fit, specifically targeting my hands. As if psoriatic arthritis hadn't already made them its playground since 2003, it decided to level up its game.

Imagine trying to type, and with every keystroke, your fingers feel like they're turning to dust. Or attempting to use your smartphone, but your hands are auditioning for the role of statues.

The pain was a new level of "nope," and crying became my new hobby—not just from the pain, but from the terror of thinking, "How am I supposed to continue my advocacy and blogging without my hands?"

The light at the end of the tunnel

After what felt like an eternity (but was actually just two weeks), the storm passed, and my hands returned to their "normal" levels of pain. This harrowing experience forced me to face a question I hadn't thought about seriously before: What would I do if my hands decided to join the dark side permanently?

Thankfully, in its infinite wisdom, the internet showed me a world of possibilities like mouth-operated joysticks and speech recognition technology. Hope was not lost for my future in digital content creation!

The great side effect debate

This whole ordeal got me thinking about the trade-offs we make for relief from one condition, only to face new challenges from the side effects. Was stopping the esophageal lava flow worth unleashing the wrath upon my hands?

At the time, it seemed like a fair exchange. But would I feel the same if my hands had continued their rebellion? That's a tough call.

Medication mishaps

I've shared my tale of medicinal woe and wonder. Now it's your turn. Have any of you had medication for one condition poke the bear of your psoriatic arthritis?

How did you handle it? Let's swap stories and maybe even share a laugh or two about the absurdity of it all. After all, if we can't laugh at the chaos, what can we do?

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