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A PsA Quiz: Flares, Flares, Flares

Psoriatic arthritis is a double-whammy that has the hallmarks of both psoriasis's skin rashes and inflammatory arthritis's joint pain. These painful symptoms may increase at certain times, random times, and inconvenient times. This bout of increased painful symptoms is not so fondly called a flare or flare-up.

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Painful hands down, the worst part about managing psoriatic arthritis is finding ways to manage the unexpected. Especially the unexpected flare. There are so many thoughts that come when a flare hits including self-blame, guilt, and insecurity.

Based on community conversation and insight from our 2021 In America Survey, flares can be inconsistent, painful, and have a huge impact on daily life and relationships. Let's test your knowledge on the many ways flares impact life with psoriatic arthritis.

Diving deeper into psoriatic arthritis flares

What does a PsA flare feel like? Well, it's different for everyone but common symptoms include severe joint pain and swelling, fever, increase skin rashes. As if these painful symptoms weren't enough - the biggest indicator of a flare is that these symptoms last a few days. Ouch is an understatement.

So how can we avoid or at least protect ourselves against the looming flare? Paying attention to our lifestyle is one thing. Stress, injury, illness, inconsistent medications are all potential causes of PsA flares.1. Here are a few more management tips:

  • Track your symptoms: Keep a list and look for patterns!
  • Note potential triggers: For both skin and joint inflammation!
  • Take care of your mental health: The emotional toll of a flare needs to be taken seriously.
  • Invest in some life hacks: New kitchen gadgets, electric blankets and smart home gadgets can make your life easier.

What else do real patients have to say?

There is no one who understands the impact of a PsA flare just like those who have been through it. This statement holds true for our very own advocates here at Psoriatic-Arthritis.com. Hello, guilt. Cynthia shares how there is nothing fun about canceling plans because of flare. While feeling an onset of pain, Leanne finds herself challenging her flare symptoms by breaking it down to one simple question: "Am I having a flare?"

Our own medical writers break down the flare-up and remission cycle.

The results are in!

Whether you're an expert in psoriatic arthritis or not, flares significantly impact all areas of life. Understanding triggers and being kind to yourself is imperative to the PsA journey. Tracking your ongoing symptoms and conducting your own research will allow you to be more comfortable with facing what needs to be faced.

Want to test your PsA knowledge further? Check back soon for more quizzes!

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There is a lot of bravery that comes with living with chronic pain. Managing and understanding flares is a large part of it. Difficult conversations are just that, difficult. It's important you feel comfortable consulting with your doctor on ways to manage flares and develop a pain management strategy that works for you. Find some validation and assurance by joining our online community!

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