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PsA Friendly Exercises

I used to laugh at the notion that exercise could decrease my pain level. However, once I found the forms of exercise that my body could handle, I discovered that it actually could lessen pain.

Now before I go on to share my favorite ways to workout I want to be clear that I am in no way issuing medical advice or suggesting that you may have the same results. Be sure to consult with your physician before trying any new exercise, always listen to your body, and stop if you are experiencing an unusual amount of pain when exercising.

Splish splash

My most favorite form of exercise is water aerobics and water jogging. Working out in a pool is where I get my best workout. Running and jumping on land is hard on my joints, but doing those same movements while immersed in water isn’t.

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The water helps me with balance too! I can move my body in ways that would land me flat on my back if I did them on land. To ease foot pain, I wear shoes specifically made for running in the pool. They look just like sneakers! Back when any amount of impact hurt my feet, I used flotation devices to stay afloat while doing deep water aerobics.

On your mark, get set, go!

My second preferred form of exercise is to go for a walk. When the weather permits, I go outside, wave to my neighbors, and enjoy the sites of my neighborhood while I get in a cardio workout. Unlike exercising in a pool, I wasn’t able to enjoy walking on land until I found a way to decrease the pain in my feet and sacrum.

While walking has always decreased pain in my hips, it wasn’t until I was able to get my inflammation under control that I could do it without increasing the pain in my feet. Even after winning my battle of pain in my feet, I had to start slow. I began going for daily five minute walks and increased how often and how long I walked after I could do what I was doing without pain. I admit that I used the weather as an excuse to not go for walks in the past, but no more! Now if I can’t walk outdoors, I do it indoors!

Sit and get fit

Instead of using a flare up of pain in my feet, ankles, and/or knees as an excuse to not exercise, I fell in love with chair aerobics! I had heard of chair yoga before, but never chair aerobics until recently. Amazon Prime Video has a bunch of free exercise videos that can be done while seated.

Don’t let the idea of sitting while working out fool you into thinking you won’t get in a hearty cardio workout, because you will! But have no fear, if you’re not ready for that kind of exercise there are many that are geared for the elderly and disabled that will still give you the movement that your body needs to be healthy without pushing you past your limits.

What forms of exercise have you tried? Is there a form that you want to try, but you just haven’t had the opportunity or aren’t sure if it would be a good fit? I am intrigued by bungee aerobics and as soon as I find a class near me that isn’t ridiculously expensive I plan to give it a try.

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