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Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Winter

Autumn has shared with us the beauty of letting go, her beautiful colors of all the shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, and everything in between. Knowing that when autumn passes, winter follows has always made me a little apprehensive. Winter always sees my psoriatic arthritis behaving badly and making darling life rather uncomfortable.

I share with you today my top 5 winter management tips for winter. I do hope that winter will be kind to us all and that our psoriatic arthritis behaves.

Tip #1

I started walking a lot during the warmer months, and with a good pair of shoes, with some orthopedic inner soles inside. It has brought me so much joy and so much peace, I know that in the winter it will be more challenging due to the weather and my psoriatic arthritis. I have challenged myself to continue walking and try not to slow down out of habit. Keep the machine well-oiled by walking every day.

Tip #2

Getting more sleep and better sleep is a major priority for me this year. Winter is hibernation season in nature and I think this year I would like to do some more of that. I have chatted with my doctor about managing my pain at night when I am sleeping so that I can stay asleep. Painsomnia is real and if there is something that you struggle with please do talk to your doctor and see how they can help you cat night. I am also using a heated blanket on my bed to make sure that my bed is warm and soothing for my body during this time.

Tip #3

Now they might not be very attractive but they are hands down my favorite aid at the moment. My hands and feet are in the firing line at the moment with my psoriatic arthritis. I find that using compression socks and gloves often makes the greatest difference in pain management. I find that if I used them preventative instead of only after my pain is unbearable. It works 10 times better, So I have a variety in various colors and I wash and wear them as I need them.

Tip #4

Long warm baths before bed and sometimes in between, especially on a weekend, is a great soother, it may not take the pain away long term. I have pre-mixed some bath soaks, with Epsom salts and sea salts, and some oatmeal bath bags to soothe my skin at the same time. Having preplanned and organized this a bit better this year I do feel more prepared. I also stocked up on my essential oils to create a bath spa with my favorite scents.

Tip #5

I have followed up with my doctor about how we are going to manage my pain moving forward for the winter season. we have worked out a pain management plan and some medication for certain days. I feel ready to tackle the season. This might be the most prepared I have ever been, I am not leaving it until my pain levels are unmanageable this year like I often do before I start taking something for the pain.

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