Our Personality Types And PsA Management

My friends know me to be quite a happy-go-lucky type of person with a cheerful personality.

I had grown up with psoriasis. I've lived with psoriatic arthritis for a large part of my life. These two conditions shaped the direction of my life and have taught me the strength that comes with resilience - I've learned how to adapt and advocate for what is best for me.

A look at personality types

As a patient advocate for these conditions, I have had the privilege of getting to know many people and interestingly, have come to know several distinct personalities too.

Recently, I wondered whether our personality types matter in the way we each manage our conditions. Cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman developed the Type A and Type B Personality Theory. This was in the 1950s to predict a person’s risk for heart disease. They used this to study individuals with stress. Such a huge trigger for us with psoriatic disease.

Type A personality

A Type A personality is considered highly competitive and aggressive - among other like-minded behaviors. Those who display type A behavior patterns are often harsh on themselves. Extremely driven to achieve goals. Without necessarily experiencing any satisfaction.1 There is a work-life imbalance along with their time heavily on work.  This causes high levels of stress. This does not surprise me.

So how can this impact PsA? Managing PsA with work pressures can be tricky. Let's change our mindset. It is important if we want to reduce flare-ups. Better time organization and management of priorities can help to ease the stress. Gain control over the symptoms and enjoy higher productivity of life.

Type B personality

A Type B personality is considered more tolerant and less anxious. You could say these individuals are typically zen and carry with them a comforting and calming sense. They are much more patient and not always in a hurry.

So how can this impact PsA? Where managing various responsibilities including being conscientious about PsA is concerned. Persons with Type B behavior patterns know how to channel their time and energy. Pay more attention to your health and practicing mindfulness. They try not to get into an anxious state of mind.  We need to avoid flare-ups from triggers.

Type C personality

A Type C personality can suppress emotions and avoids conflict. While our friends in the Type A community are highly expressive and vocal, people who exhibit Type C performance patterns are the complete opposite. There are times we need to manage our negative emotions. They tend to keep it within themselves and over time, can ultimately experience unhealthy levels of stress.

So how can this impact PsA? Improving their ability to manage these triggers more healthily involves learning better coping skills. Try opening up to a close friend whom they trust. Find ways to grow in their self-confidence can greatly help to lessen any overwhelming pressure.

Understanding our unique selves

There are many ways to understand our unique selves. By harnessing this type of knowledge, I believe it can help towards better pain and stress management. But, trust me, it took me many years to get to this point and find myself. I had to find things that made me happy. My list was short and my brain was on lockdown.

I did like reading and music - these hobbies made me happy. These things made me dream and feel good about myself, just lose myself in reading and music. I had to learn to surround myself with positive people who empower me and encourage me. My group of people encourages me which in turn makes me want to help others.

What is your personality trait and what do you do to uplift others?

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