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What We Wish Others Knew: PsA Awareness Month 2022

Last updated: May 2022

It can be hard for others to understand what it means to live with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). So, we are debunking some common misconceptions about PsA.

Common PsA misconceptions

We asked community members, "People without psoriatic arthritis have a hard time understanding ____." Thank you to all who replied! See below for some common responses.

How age impacts psoriatic arthritis

Ever heard, "You are too young for arthritis?" Unfortunately, it is a common misconception. Young people also have PsA.

Quick Quiz

How many people were diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis before 40 years old?

PsA is not just joints – it impacts the whole body

PsA is often characterized by joint swelling and stiffness. Yet it can impact other areas of the body too. Test your knowledge! What was the average number of body parts impacted PsA according to our 6th Annual Psoriatic Arthritis In America survey?

Quick Quiz

What was the average number of body areas affected by PsA symptoms?

The true impact of fatigue

Fatigue, or extreme tiredness, is a common, and often debilitating symptom. Fatigue can cause canceled plans. People might be labeled as "lazy" by others. However, some people have found "spoon theory" to be a helpful tool to illustrate its impact.

This or That

Currently, which PsA symptom is impacting you more?

The ebb and flow of symptoms

Sometimes there are "good days" and "bad days." Life can be so unpredictable with flares. According to our 6th Psoriatic Arthritis In America survey, how many people had 10+ flares over the past year?

Quick Quiz

Over how many people said they have had 10+ PsA flares over the past year?

Resources to share with loved ones

It is not always easy to understand how psoriatic arthritis affects us. Below are some resources to share that help explain further.

Is there anything missing? What do you wish people understood about psoriatic arthritis?

This or That

What kind of support from loved ones could you use the most when flaring?

The power of our PsA stories

One way to highlight our voices and bring more awareness to psoriatic arthritis is by sharing our lived experiences and stories. Not sure where to start?

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