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I Wish I Had a TV Doctor

This month, I've been binge-watching Call The Midwife. I picked it up again after missing a few seasons and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Through the happy and sad tears, my favorite part is how much the sisters and nurses care for their patients. Sometimes, I wish I could be their patient!

It's not the first time I've wished to have the medical teams I see on TV. When I was seeking my diagnosis for years, I swore Dr. House would've diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) within hours. I would've loved to see a doctor in New Amsterdam when I needed help finding community support.

Finding joy in medical dramas as a patient

Whenever my husband and I watch medical dramas together, we laugh at how unrealistic they are. Many people acknowledge that these TV doctors and nurses have a lot of time on their hands and stir a lot of drama!

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But while these shows are unrealistic, they're still lovely to watch. It's not hard to believe I love patient-centered stories, considering I write about my own medical experiences.

I can't help but get hooked on episodes where patients who have suffered for a long time receive a long-awaited diagnosis. I get invested when plots revolve around improving someone's quality of life, an important topic I think needs to be discussed more.

Of course, there are times when I need to step away. Episodes about medical gaslighting and malpractice are tough to watch and can be a little triggering. I've been warned about some episodes of ER, so I've never tried watching that show.

Finding the right medical team for psoriatic arthritis

Putting together a good medical team in real life can be challenging. I have had less-than-ideal experiences in healthcare settings, and I get nervous about history repeating itself.

Over the years, I learned it's ok to part ways with doctors when things don't work out. Thanks to the internet, there are more ways than ever to find new doctors who might be a better fit.

While we can't expect miracles from actual providers, it's reasonable to hope a few qualities from TV would carry over. For example, you would want your doctor to spend appropriate time with you during appointments for a thorough exam and to answer your questions because nobody wants to be rushed.

Ideally, a good provider can offer suggestions and think creatively to help with quality-of-life improvements: medications might be one option, but they might also suggest job accommodations or give referrals for therapy and support groups.

My real-life doctors and experiences

While TV is great, real life can be pretty sweet too. I have been shown so much care and empathy through the years.

I'll never forget the doctor who insisted I come to juvenile arthritis camp when I seemed low and depressed. Nor will I forget seeing my two specialists discussing my case in person in the outpatient clinic.

I wouldn't have my diagnosis without a nurse who insisted I needed help. I appreciate all the healthcare providers who have given me so much care over the years.

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