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Kitchen scene with arthritis-friendly scissors

8 Psoriatic Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Tools To Help This Holiday Season

I was determined to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner myself this year. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and cookies. I was excited, thrilled!

In the kitchen with psoriatic arthritis

Cooking and hosting is one of my favorite things to do, especially around the holidays. For me, cooking is a stress-relieving activity, not a chore. (Cleaning up, now that’s a chore!)

But with cooking comes peeling, mixing, opening, closing, cutting, and other various hand gestures that are unkind to my psoriatic arthritis-riddled hands. I found myself taking breaks more often and stretching out my fingers.

Psoriatic arthritis kitchen-friendly tools

Though Thanksgiving turned out to be a success and nothing was bland or burnt, I decided that it was time to invest in some arthritis-friendly gadgets for the kitchen. With a little bit of research and a chat with my grandma about what items she already uses, these are the 8 gadgets that I threw into my shopping cart.

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An iPad or book stand

I use my iPad in the kitchen often for recipes. While this isn’t a necessity, it is nice to be a little more hands-free while cooking. Sometimes gripping my thin iPad puts a strain on my hands, so I’m a fan of this gadget in and out of the kitchen. (under $20)

Large-handled utensils

I didn’t even know this was a thing! If you search for large or thick-handled utensils or even type in “arthritis utensils”, you will find a lot of items to accommodate your arthritic hands. When the cooking is all done, get a grip on some good utensils and enjoy your meal! You can purchase cooking utensils with large handles as well. (under $20 for a full set)

Electric can and jar Openers

Yes, yes, yes. I already use an electric can opener and I love it. It didn’t cost a ton of money and it helps me tremendously. No more clamping down on a can with one hand and turning with the other. The jar opener is next on my list as I know it will be an added bonus. (under $20)

Grocery bag handles

I purchased a couple of these a few years ago when I lived on the third floor of an apartment building. Not only do they make the trip a bit easier by allowing you to stack a few bags onto one handle (allowing you to carry more bags at a time) but they are also easy on your grip. If you type “Grocery Bag Handles” into your search engine, they look like oval-shaped tools that you can clip your bags into. (You can find these for as little as $2 online!)

Arthritis-friendly potato peeler

When it comes to potato peelers, you can certainly purchase an electronic one but I prefer peeling by hand. This can become a strenuous task after a few potatoes. Searching for a “potato peeler for arthritic hands” online will give you some large-handled options. I have found that any large-handled peeler with a good grip works well for me. (under $10)

Comfortable grip scissors

Scissors with good grips and large handle-holes seem to be easiest on my hands. Also, sharp blades so you aren’t struggling to cut anything with dull scissors. (under $10)

Rocking Knives

Though I have not tried these yet, I have read great things about “Rocker Knives”. The blade on these knives is curved and they typically have large, comfortable handles. Great for slicing and dicing, and great for your arthritis. (under $10)

Hand Mixer

I typically enjoy hand-mashing and mixing my potatoes but, this year, I invested in an electric hand mixer. I purchased one that was a little pricier but that’s completely unnecessary. (under $20)

I hope these tools will help you in the kitchen! If you have your suggestions, please comment below!

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