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Home Treatments For Psoriatic Relief

When it comes to life with psoriatic arthritis, there is always pain. Always.

This is the worst winter we have had here in Louisiana, the increase in pain has piqued my internet into possible natural remedies. You see, I already feel like a pharmacy. I take so many pills, I'm not open to adding any more to the mix.

My doctor keeps telling me she wants to put me on methotrexate to go along with my current biologic. The problem with that is I have already been on methotrexate.

My first experience was enough for me to determine that I will never go back on it again. I'll refrain from sharing as I do not want to deter someone from trying it. We all react differently to different medications. For me, it was not good. This is why I need to look into other possible remedies.

Home treatments that work for my psoriatic arthritis pain...

I love to do research. Over the years, I feel like I have gotten pretty good at it. A quick research of "natural treatments for psoriatic arthritis" brings up over three million possible articles. However, looking for at-home treatment puts my search into a smaller bracket.

I am going to share with you some of the recommendations I found so that you might get some relief also. Given the pandemic and that some of you may still be on lockdown, I am only going to list things here that you can get for you through mail or that you might already have in your home.

Most of these you probably already know but it does serve to remind us that we can do things to help with the psoriatic arthritis pain without taking more medication.

A massage in many ways

Top of the list is having a massage. I realize being within lockdown that this would be hard to do. However, you can purchase machines online that will massage you. There are handheld massage options as well as options that will fit in your chair.

Incense and essential oils

Another suggestion is using aromatherapy. If you find soothing aromas help you to relax then that is always a good thing. We all know stress makes you tense which leads to more pain overall. For me, that incense is Creme Brulee. It helps me to relax which in turn helps my body to relax.

It's heating up!

If heat helps you, there are electric blankets that you can purchase. They have even started making throw blankets that heat when you are simply sitting in your chair.

Relax in the tub

Another remedy to use to soothe those aching joints of course is to soak in the bathtub. Do you put Epsom salt in your water? Personally, I love to take a bubble bath. It also does for me what good-smelling aromatherapy will do.

Compression gloves and socks

Another suggestion if your feet and your hands are affected is to use compression socks and gloves.

What are you at-home treatments and remedies?

Hopefully, you find some of these things I have mentioned helpful. I have most of these things I have listed with the exception being the heated throw blanket. My favorite in the winter is the electric blanket. My other anytime favorite would have to be the product I have that massages. It is a much older device but boy, can it help take the tension out of those painful joints.

Do you have something that you like to use? Is there something that helps you be able to cope with psoriatic arthritis? Share it with us but remember it has to be something that can be purchased online to accommodate those of us that cannot get to the store. Let's see if we can help each other find a little bit of relief that comes with living with psoriatic arthritis.

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