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At Home Activities With Psoriatic Arthritis

Sitting around the house has never been a good thing for me. The longer I sit, the stiffer my joints feel. I have to do this balancing act of sitting and then doing something to make sure that stiffness does not come along.

There is only so much I can do in my house to keep moving. So what activities can I do at home with psoriatic arthritis?

Finding home activities with psoriatic arthritis

I am always happy to be out in my yard. Working in my flower beds brings me peace of mind. However, this time of year in Louisiana means more rain.

It is those days when it is raining that makes this current time more depressing. Rain means I can't be out in the yard doing what brings me joy. I do have a bench on my porch when it is raining to sit on so at least I can look at the flowers bloom.

Yes, I know that means I am still sitting, but it's that movement of walking from inside the house to the porch outside. See, it's those little movements that can keep your body from getting so stiff.

Little projects make a difference

Finding little projects around the house can still be beneficial. With my psoriatic arthritis, the pain is mostly in my back. It means I cannot do a lot of bending over.

One of the best little projects I have found is cleaning out my closet, but that is just a one-time thing. So what other little projects are there?

Well, if you are like me, there is a certain junk drawer that seems to catch everything. It is something that I can clean out too. The drawer can be put on top of a cabinet to be cleaned out. This still counts as moving!

Making things look better

Another home activity I have found that I can do on days that it is not raining is to use spray paint to touch up metal items in my yard. I just spray painted my birdbath.

See, I have had that birdbath for some years now, and it was truly looking its age. While it is a project that I had in mind for some time, it seems like I was always to busy to get to it.

I suddenly find that I have extra time since being ordered to stay home, so yesterday was the day for that project to be done. Not boosting my own ego, but I do love the way it turned out.

A message to keep moving

Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but doing these little projects are keeping me moving. Staying active is the best thing I can do to alleviate the pain of psoriatic arthritis.

Get creative. Find things to do, because there is always something that needs to be done. Push yourselves if need be, but not to the point of causing yourself pain.

Maybe you had a project in mind to do. Now is that time to do it. Keep moving, my psoriatic arthritis friends, if you are able to.

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