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Tips To Make Life Living With Psoriatic Arthritis Easier

I just turned 61 this month and have been dealing with my disease for over 55 of those years. I have been living with pain, fatigue and emotional stress for as long as I can remember; but over the past few years I am having daily challenges that are happening to me and I know I am not alone with many of us living with psoriatic arthritis.

When simple tasks are difficult

Simple tasks like opening a jar, trying to exercise, pushing a grocery cart or even getting out of bed has started to be difficult. If you’re living with this disease, then you know you must have a good support system in place. We need to educate ourselves about our disease and get plenty of rest.  It is important to have a healthy quality of life. But did you know that simplifying your life is just as important? I started realizing one day that I needed to take some time to modify and equip my home with things that would help cut down on wasted energy at my age.

Finding modifications to help with daily tasks

As we age and have health issues we need to conserve our energy. I decided to make my life as simple as I can when I can. Taking steps to modify your life by investing in products and resources that can help you with your daily task or routine, will have immediate and long-term benefits you’ll appreciate.

Helpful tools and gadgets

Just adding some helpful tools into your life can make a difference at your work, during your lazy time and even while walking. Sometimes just changing the way you sit at your desk can make a good improvement. Even purchasing lightweight products can be helpful. These things might be helpful for anyone living with psoriatic arthritis. Below is a list of helpful things I began incorporating into my life.

  • Lumbar pillow for work – (great for the back)
  • Raised toilet seat – (best kept secret)
  • Easy twist opener when husband is not around – (my new best friend)
  • Long handled reaching devices for shelves and closets – (a life saver)
  • Arthritis gloves – (I loved these)

These are just a few devices that can save you time, energy and prevent needless suffering when you’re swollen or not feeling 100%.

Other helpful services to make life easierIn addition to tools and gadgets there are some other items that psoriatic arthritis sufferers might use:Grocery delivery or curbside grocery pickup (local grocery store)Cleaning service (we all need this)Meal plan delivery service or food club delivery (this could be a plus)Restaurant delivery (Uber Eats, Door Dash)Dog walking or pet sitting services (for days when you need a break)Landscaper and gardener (loving it)Worth the investmentI wish I could afford to do all these things; they would make such a big difference in my life on those hard days. If you can and it makes life easier; why not? You can also put in digital thermostats, camera door-bell, light timers and automatic blinds. Things like this give you so much more freedom. You will be able to see who’s at the door, adjust your room temperature when you are having a hard time getting out of bed that day. These items would be very helpful. I have investigated some of these and they do get pricey, but I feel it could be worth it in the end. There are days we need to conserve our energy. Let’s get a piece of mind and change our day to day behaviors.

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