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A Healthy Lifestyle Is Possible With Psoriatic Arthritis

I was invited to a wellness weekend by a local chiropractor in Lake Como, Wisconsin. At the time, I wasn't really what to expect, but I was intrigued. My expectation was that Dr. Jordan Leasure would chat about natural remedies such as gut health, acupuncture, massage, feng shui, diet, and yoga.

I am a nervous person, I remained hesitant and unsure if I should really embark on this. My nerves were saying "don't you want to stay home?" My gut told me that I was just fine where I was. I decided that I never go outside my comfort zone so why not?

A healthy journey starts with a healthy gut

One of the first sessions, Dr. Jordan lead our group in a discussion about gut health. I am pretty sure I know what that means. Essentially, I am guessing that what I put in is what I will get out of it. Eating healthy is a better way to stay healthy.

Wow, was I wrong. Dr. Jordan explained that your gut health is kind of a central place for all your systems. Your stomach is what absorbs the fuel and keeps all the vitamins and minerals together. Eating foods that are good for you keep your system running smoothly.

The importance of staying healthy

Good vitamins and food pass through them. When you eat poorly the bad things stay behind and create large holes. When this process takes place, it damages our guts. In a sense, I have been abusive to my guts!

Damage that has been done to my gut can be repaired. Eating properly and getting good vitamin support helps the holes become smaller. Eating and digesting what our body needs without adding things like gluten, or inflammatory foods help the body fix itself.

I think about the fact that I have not missed meat, unnatural sugar, or gluten. I have not had any dairy on this trip either. Have I missed the taste of any of these things? No. Thoughts of continuing this at home are now in my head. My mind is thankful for all this fabulous information. Now I have to keep it up.

When psoriatic pain is relieved

The next day, I am called to a room by Julie. She is a massage therapist. We chat. I slide onto the table where wonderful sheets and blankets are. Think about a crumpled-up piece of paper. Got that image? That is how I feel given the way my shoulders felt. I soon begin to feel like a beautiful banner beginning to unfold.

Basically, I feel like my whole spine opened. Within the start of this massage, there were a couple of tense feelings, but wow! What a blessed event I am not in pain. Twenty-three years of psoriatic arthritis, what a true miracle. This should be a routine.

Stress is a trigger for psoriatic arthritis

We break into a new group after lunch and this workshop focuses on finance. This discussion really makes me think about my future. Stress can be crippling to our health and most of the stress revolves around finances. Sara encourages us to look at the overall picture.

Be sure you have enough savings for incidents and proper insurances. I appreciate this because one never knows how much income we should have. It is recommended your savings is enough to cover three months of expenses. Life insurance is a must.

Staying healthy with acupuncture

Acupuncture. This intrigues me. Needles that are supposed to help your health. Heidi explains that we are going to do a group needling. She approaches my friends and I watch. One after another. No one cries or flinches. Heidi pricks my ear a few times and tells us to stay quiet for at least 20 minutes.

I start to feel intense energy and then warmth. My body begins to relax. One by one everyone has stopped talking and we sit with our heads back. Consciously, I am awake but my eyes rest. I hear Heidi walk about the room. My time is done. I have decided I have to try this for my whole body! If this relaxed me with one ear what happens to the rest of your body? Can’t wait to find out.

Reaching your full potential

The end of the night sees many of my friends to bed. I chose to stay up and work on my vision board. Thinking about my goals, health, finances, and relationships. I realize this weekend has really changed the way I think. Will I change to only western medicine? No, I believe in scientific findings, but I will incorporate what I am learning here.

Functional medicine truly has a place in this world. Moving forward, I know it will be a part of my life. Influences from this weekend journey have helped me shape how I feel. Vision boards have helped me realize how to reach my full potential.

Maintaining healthy movement

Another beautiful brisk morning finds us doing yoga on the roof. Breathing and working hard on my core is a challenge. Our Yogi guides us through a meditation. I find myself lost in a peaceful tranquil moment. When our session ends, I know I will continue with yoga and meditation. Peacefulness comes over me.

After a lite breakfast, it is time to bid farewell. I am forever blessed with the amazing journey this weekend has put me on. I am striving for a healthier me moving forward. Dr. Jordan asked us to keep a gratitude journal. This is an amazing idea. Ideally, it would be much better to find the positive in our day then the negative. What a great way to approach life.

A healthy lifestyle starts with you

With such a positive idea, I may begin to see myself in a more positive light. I feel empowered to take on what I need in my life. Thoughts of not coming to this healthy retreat seem like the worst possible thing now. How could I not come?

We are given swag bags and parting gifts. Confidentially, I would say that I came here feeling like a meek mouse that was not worthy to be among these wonderful women. I am an empowered, healthier, wiser, beautiful woman. No matter what I look like, I have the power to advocate and be healthy.

A healthy journey is possible and attainable, for all of us.

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