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Follow The Leader: Constant Battle Between My Body & Brain

My body and brain are forever playing a game of follow the leader. The problem is that they both want to be the leader and have tantrums when the other doesn’t follow.

Who’s in charge?

I love when my body is willing to follow my brain’s desires. Moments like the other day when I set out to clean out my closet and dressers. My mind was prepared to let go of clothing and items that were just taking up space. At first, my body agreed. After a few hours, my body decided that it was done filling donation bags and began to rebel. My body began screaming and begging for me to stop. It needed to rest, but my mind wasn’t ready to stop. It pained me to see how close I was to finishing so I tried forcing myself to get it done. My body threw an even bigger tantrum. After a few minutes of resuming my purge, my entire body began to tremble. It was at that moment that I had to accept that my body was now in control, and it was time for my mind to follow.

Playing nice

In the past, I would become extremely bitter and angry about not being able to physically finish what my mind desired. However, that only increased my frustration which in turn increased my pain level. A higher pain level resulted in additional downtime. Over time I realized by accepting that my body was sometimes going to be the leader, it would be gracious and take turns with my mind. Now when my body trumps my mind I force myself to submit and follow. Instead of fuming over what wasn’t finished, I embrace the downtime. I find joy in what I did accomplish and give my body the rest it needs and push my guilt for lying in bed watching Hulu or Netflix out of my mind. I may not have control over my body, but I can adjust my thoughts. I am tired of fighting my body and continue to seek different ways for my mind and body to coexist as peacefully as possible.

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  • VickiN moderator
    2 years ago

    Loved this explanation, Cynthia!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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