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Expressing My Psoriatic Arthritis Through Colors

Did you know colors drastically help me to endure pain? The discomfort of my pain has me thinking, what’s there for me to gain to be around bright colors?

My life has changed from PsA

Psoriatic arthritis has made her way up slowly out of the blue has attacked my knees, scalp, arms, spine, shoulders, inside joints and muscles, fingers, toes, legs, and back. This disease came with a bang for me. My life has been changed and my day to day has been rearranged. Things became tough, and the symptoms of my disease has been a journey. I’ve made changes and have modified my ways. If I can be honest, I still face difficult times.

I’m grateful for my faith and the sweet spirit of love. It helps me set things straight. I love expressing these intimate experiences and even journaling my day to day.

Fond of the beauty of colors

I have become fond of the beauty of colors and all the peace they bring. Expressing colors brightens my every moment when I am at an all-time low. Colors speak to me, and they let me know that I am seeing. They are the pure form of knowing things will not remain as they are, they are just temporary.

Many people have dreary colors all around them. I find that when I’m having a high pain day the last thing I want to see is dark colors. I’m looking for a pretty rainbow with red, yellows, and blues. It really does pick up my spirits to be around bright cheery colors.

Have you ever visited a place with dark colors? I’ve literally had to leave places that seem to depress me because they were gloomy. When you are suffering from any type of illness, the last thing you should want is the blinds pulled down and no light coming in. I keep light coming in my home because it does my psoriasis good. It’s light and its brightness does my body great. We can all use the reds, blues to express ourselves through whatever illness we have. I have a friend who has cancer and she told me that patients express themselves through colors of brightness. I found this to be very interesting.

It is once again a choice because some people want to be isolated in dark colors. I believe that healing takes place in the bright oranges and yellows. They are calming colors to me, and they do something where the brain gets pleasure from their appearance.

My dream home

My husband and I brought our dream home a few years ago. I knew in my mind that I wanted bright colors in every room. My husband wasn’t having it, but we did decide that I could do a couple of rooms. My first choice was the kitchen. It’s very bright cheerful, and I think it looks very inviting.

When I’m down and not doing well, I have found the kitchen to be and amazing atmosphere that I love to be in. I know it sounds weird, but it changes my mood just walking into that room.

I also created a “calming room”. Maybe it’s all in my head, but when I walk into this room, it changes my whole outlook on life. If you need a pick me up, try changing those dark curtains for some yellow, blue, or red curtains. I find different aromatherapy helps also in bringing that calmness in my space.

Yes, we can change our atmosphere and make it work for us. Even those who are in the hospital, they decorate their space with colorful artwork and flowers, it gives them tranquility. We can all begin to heal through expression of colors. Try it… I did!

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