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Drinking Water to Help with PsA

Drinking Water to Help with PsA

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Put good in to get good out.” And it seems like everyone has an opinion on what is good and what isn’t. So many of us hear, “You can cure your disease just by eating this.” Oh, if only it was that simple.

Anti-inflammatory diets

If you’re like me, creating healthy habits aren’t so easy. I’ve tried a gluten-free diet, a vegetarian diet, and even a modified paleo diet in hopes of improving my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Despite some rough starts on each of these, I was able to fully commit to following the restrictions for a few months to see if eliminating certain foods helped my psoriatic disease symptoms.

I did find some benefits – being more alert and having more energy – but none of these diets actually helped my psoriatic arthritis. This isn’t to say that these diets aren’t worthwhile. They just didn’t work for me. Everyone is different, so if you’re interested in trying one, check with your doctor to make sure the one you choose is right for you.

The benefits of water

So, while I still struggle to find the right balance of lifestyle and diet choices – oh, how I love chocolate! – one thing is certain: I’ve found lots of benefits to drinking water. And not just a glass here and there. I try to drink a gallon every day. That’s 128 ounces!

For me, my doctor says it is a good idea to drink a lot of water because, among other things, it helps to flush out toxins from my medications. I tend to have fewer side effects when I keep pushing the fluids in me.

Also, for me, my psoriasis symptoms are less severe when I drink lots of water. It helps keeps my skin hydrated, so my skin is not so dry and itchy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“Water & Nutrition”), drinking water also has these benefits:

  • Lubricating and cushioning joints.
  • Protecting your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
  • Digesting food and absorbing nutrients.
  • Getting rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements.

Tips for drinking more water

I admit, I have it easier than most. I have a home office, so it is very easy for me to head down to the kitchen to fill up my glass. But I’m not always at home, and I’ve had to learn a few tricks along the way to make sure I get enough water daily. Here’s some to consider:

  • Invest in a durable water bottle that you can carry with you. Many public places now offer drinking fountains with water dispensers for bottles, making it easier to keep your bottle filled.
  • Grab a glass of water after every bathroom break. If you drink as much water as me, you’ll be in the bathroom quite often.
  • Make it a habit to drink only water when you’re at a restaurant. There are infinite refills, and it’s cheaper than soda.
  • Add a small splash of cranberry juice or add lemon to your water to add a touch of flavor. It helps combat the boring routine of water.
  • Get a gallon jug and use a permanent marker to gauge increments of ounces or hours on the jug. This will help keep you on track to meeting your daily water intake goals.
  • You can also get water from other beverages. I like to drink hot tea, and the warmth helps the stiffness in my hands from psoriatic arthritis.

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  • imschmarte
    1 year ago

    Hi Jaime Lyn! I like you drink copious amounts of water every day. At least 100 oz, and on most days 120. And I never thought about it together, but my psoriasis has cleaned up beautifully!! I thought it was just change of seasons, cortisone shot, or just normal fluctuation of this disease. But I haven’t felt any difference in my bones, or spine. And I only drink water, nothing else. Maybe it will end up helping in other ways too. Thanks for posting!!

  • Jaime Lyn Moy author
    1 year ago

    So glad you’re seeing some benefits from water! Maybe your joints will catch up to your skin and you’ll start seeing some PsA relief, too. My step-mom says you should never toast with a glass of water, but cheers to you anyway!

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