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My Dream Car with Psoriatic Arthritis

This past year, I was forced to find a new car. My son was in a bad car accident (no major injuries, thankfully!), so while he inherited my current car, I was left searching for one.

Since I have a home office and I drive locally for errands and gym visits, I certainly didn’t need anything fancy. However, there were a few features I definitely wanted: safe, reliable in the snow (I live in Michigan), and back seats with a good amount of legroom.

Behind the wheel with psoriatic arthritis

Once I made it to the showrooms and lots, I found out that there were so many more features that would be a godsend for someone like me with psoriatic arthritis. Of course, they come with a price tag, and nothing is free.

In an imaginary world where I just won the lottery and didn’t have to consider the funds in the bank account, these are the options I would jump at getting to make it easier to navigate the roads with psoriatic arthritis.

Automatic transmission

This was actually on my “must-have” list, mainly because I am not a confident 5-speed driver, but also because shifting gears while in a flare is brutal. I don’t need or want the added pain in my hands.

Heated seats

The car my son inherited had heated seats, and I couldn’t picture myself living without them. Even in the summer, I found myself heating them up to relieve pain in my lower back and hips.

Heated seats were a necessity – almost. Turns out, you can get a heated car seat cover that plugs into your car’s outlet. So, if your car doesn’t come with heated seats or if you don’t want to pay to have them installed, maybe try a $40 cover you can pick up at the store or online.

Did you know that some cars even come with massaging seats as an option? How awesome is that! Sign me up!

Back-up camera

With PsA, turning my head to see behind me can be difficult in a flare. Yes, I know there are mirrors, but it is not the same as looking behind you for potential dangers.

In our neighborhood, we have lots of little kids and dogs and with the positioning of my garage, you can’t always see them when you put the car in reverse. A back-up camera would be so helpful.

Remote start

Again, I live in Michigan, and our winters are never over until we get the surprise March ice storm. Scraping the windshields can be painful. In the morning when my hands are still stiff, I’m lucky to even grip the scraper in the first place.

Cruise control

While I don’t do much driving on the expressway, when I do, I rely on cruise control. It allows me to shift around in the driver’s seat easier to get comfortable and help the pain in my hips and ankles.

Steering wheel accessories

Just like the heated seats, a heated steering wheel would feel so good on my stiff, painful hands.

Also, my husband has a cover for his car’s steering wheel that should make it easier for those with arthritis to grip. It doesn’t work for me, but it might be a good option for other patients to try.

So, what do you recommend to make driving with psoriatic arthritis a bit easier? What are your must-have options?

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