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Exercising When You Have Psoriatic Arthritis

One of the things that makes me mad when I go see most doctors is that they all strictly talk to me about losing weight. I know I need to lose weight but they do not understand how bad my back starts hurting if I walk too much or how my left knee tends to swell if I am on it too much.

I'm sure most of you with psoriatic arthritis can relate. It gets so frustrating trying to explain to the doctors the same thing over and over again. Most of them just look at me like I am making up any excuse to keep from exercising. That is the most frustrating thing for me.

I wish I could make them understand I want to lose weight but I also do not want to hurt all the time.

Psoriatic arthritis & exercise frustrations

I try to stay as active as I possibly can. Caring for a husband, a mother and a mother-in-law who are both 70 years old make my days pretty busy. Not even counting what it takes to take care of myself, there are always doctors to see. Sometimes I feel like I live in a doctor's office.

Then there are my hobbies. I love to work in my flower gardens and go fishing. I can even find joy in cutting my yard. I also have a five-year-old grandson that I love to play with. As you can imagine he is as active as any child that age. Apparently all of this is not what it takes to make my body lose weight.

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Trying to lose weight with psoriatic arthritis

I also watch what I eat. It is not always possible when your body fights what your mind tells you that you. I know I am overweight and that being overweight can bring on more health issues. Having psoriatic arthritis along with psoriasis is enough to handle all on its own.

I do not need any other problems like a cardiovascular disease which already runs in my family as it is. After one visit with a new doctor, I had gotten so frustrated with explaining for the up-teenth about the daily recurring pain I experience with psoriatic arthritis.

I decided to go to the gym. I have to admit it did feel good to work out on the machines. I tried my best to go easy. Going easy is never easy with chronic pain.

Paying the price of excercise

Having psoriatic arthritis is a daily struggle. Most of us will agree to that. Even with taking it as easy at the gym, there is still a price to pay. The pay is not good pay.

How can you lose weight when even easy exercising causes severe pain. Talking to all those doctors, the only help they could give me was a recommendation for physical therapy. The other advice was to talk to a nutritionist. My first visit to the nutritionist taught me everything I had already learned in school with the food pyramid.

Is exercising even possible with psoriatic arthritis?

How is anything supposed to change when the doctors can't give anything new to try? I guess it would be fine if I was on pain medication that would allow me to push through without all the pain but I don't see the help in that. If it takes pain medication to work out to lose weight then pushing too hard will bring more physical pain. How is that going to help anything?

I wish the doctors would get a clue. I realize water exercise would be a plus but how do you go to a pool with an open wound? For those of us that have psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis that makes pool exercise a no go either.

I guess I will have to hear yet again how I need to lose weight.

Are you able to exercise with your PsA?

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