Daily symptoms of psoriatic arthritis including fatigue and pain

Daily Symptoms & The Pains of Psoriatic Arthritis

Daily life in 2020 is a challenge on any level for any person. For example, living with a chronic condition, psoriatic arthritis, can add extra layers to that challenge.

So what do we do? We keep our chins up, and we keep on keeping on. Every day brings new challenges - accompanied by the old ones. Daily life with psoriatic arthritis is a test of resiliency and strength.

What my daily life look like

The three psoriatic arthritis symptoms below are part of my every day. Whether I like it or not, they are here to stay. Would I say I have it under control? Some days and other days, honestly, I wing it.

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If I were a superhero, my nemesis would be fatigue. A villain draped in Egyptian cotton bed sheets singing lullabies while never allowing me to sleep.

Waking up exhausted most days has been one of the most frustrating symptoms. It simply never seems to go away. Most days, I don't. How do I cope with this?

I keep on doing things one moment at a time. I eat well, work out, and attempt to have a good sleep routine. While none of this makes it better, I think it stops it from getting worse.

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Stiffness in the morning could be a good thing if it were not all over my body. Stiffness is also the reason I struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

I use an eggshell topper on top of my bed, which relieves me from general body aches. I've started waking up in a routine now. I start slow and begin stretching everything gently before getting out of bed.

The days of waking up and jumping out of bed are long gone. To achieve any wake-up and go, I need to sleep in a toaster. As the day progresses, the stiffness does settle down. By the evening, I seem to have a better range of motion.


This is one that I think is rather common for most of us, but I feel it needs mentioning. This one has often reduced me to a blubbering mess. Pain is, well painful and levels change every day depending on various factors.

Pain is also deeply exhausting when you are experiencing it 24/7 due to my psoriatic arthritis being mild for the time being. I can get by with the assistance of pain medication, making sure I wear good shoes and sit correctly.

All of the above can often make me moody, which has become a symptom. Maybe this is just part of my personality now? Who knows.

What symptoms do you struggle with the most daily? How do you deal with them?

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