Bruises, Bruises, and More Bruises

If I went to the doctor today, I’m sure she would have some serious questions for me about the condition of my body. Given the fact that she knows my myriad of autoimmune conditions, especially my most vocal, my psoriatic arthritis, she would still look at me skeptically. She would look at me sympathetically in the eyes and ask me if I felt “safe in my home.” I’m sure she would think that clearly, all the bruises on my body could not have been inflicted by myself. Her concerns would be justified because I look like I fell out of the top of the highest tree in the forest and hit every single branch on my way down.

Covering up bruises

Our weather has hit the highs of the season and here I sit in my jeans and sweatpants. Not because of any psoriasis rash. Nope, that is mostly in check. Rather, it is the many swirls of colors ranging from a lovely yellow-green to deep purples, and blues that keep my body covered these days. I can barely look at them and question my own sanity, I hate to think of what anyone else would think.

Sure, I can hear y’all now- who cares? Just wear your shorts and ignore those questionable glances. Have you tried this great cover-up makeup? All valid comments. But I can’t help but feel this angry rant welling up deep inside me every time I look in the mirror or simply down at my ailing body.

Nope, no accidents

I haven’t had any tremendous falls recently. No car accidents or slips in the shower. I’ve been simply living my life trying to make the most of the good days when I can find them. But that doesn’t stop my body from looking like it. Even the slightest touch, nudge, or bump will leave quarter size, or larger, bruises behind.

Our psoriatic community is prone to bruising

A quick Google search tells me that I’m not alone. Easy bruising appears to be pretty common among us AA (autoimmune arthritis) folks. And yet, most doctors don’t seem to be overly concerned with the fact. It’s just another part of our life with psoriatic arthritis. “Experts” tell us to slow down, be cautious, take our vitamins. And perhaps they have a point. In the grand scheme, I suppose purple welts across most of my body isn’t the worst part of PsA, but at the same time, it really gets under my skin. (See what I did there? Lol.)

There are several things that could make us more “prone” to bruising. Mostly pretty much blood related (obviously) and pretty sciency (see what I did there?- I made up a new word!). Basically we end up with low platelet counts or it can be a side effect of some of the medicines we take. Yes! Yet another gift from the almighty steroid gods.

More and more bruises

Either way you slice it, it isn’t pretty. And if I’m being honest (and possibly a little vain?) my self-esteem does take a bit of a hit when I look at myself in the mirror. All those nasty blue bumps and circles dotting my body from my head down to my aching toes. Maybe I should look on the bright side and just hand my kids some markers and let them play connect the dots!

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