A Psoriatic Spring Cleanse: My Personal Experience

I've recently written about how a spring cleanse can reduce inflammation and rejuvenate your body. I'd like to share a bit more about my personal experience with detox and following this type of cleanse. I did my spring cleanse for two days, with the help of natural herbs. What I can say is that for me, it was worth it. It seemed I truly needed it. I felt calmer, but also more sensitive.

How to approach a body cleanse

When starting this detox, I was very patient and kind to myself. I didn't try to overanalyze everything that came across my mind when it came to food. As difficult as this can be, a few ways to put this into practice is to write your thoughts down, let them out or talk to someone you trust about your feelings and concerns. It's also beneficial to be mindful about the way you start introducing your food.

Asking for advice

Remember, you don’t need to know about everything. If you find the whole thing overwhelming but you still want to have a go at it, find help and plan ahead to give yourself the best possible experience. This was certainly helpful for me.

It’s important that you do this when you don’t have commitments. When you know you can rest as much as you need to and that there is a restroom steadily nearby. I would also recommend adding an extra day off after you finish your detox, so you can start getting back into your own routine gradually. I really enjoyed cleaning and organizing my house that last day (though I may have asked for some help).

The importance of movement

Movement can really help get the digestive system going. I found myself going through some gentle stretches, especially twists. These types of stretches are very good to help the activation of the internal organs.

If you experience belly cramps or any kind of discomfort, lay on your back on the floor or on your bed and practice some wind release exercises, bringing one knee at a time towards your abdomen. Also, the extended child pose really helps with this.

Meditate, relax, enjoy it!

If you decide to go for it, make sure you feel confident about it. What's helpful for me is that I prioritize and recognize this process as another way of self-care.

Meditate, warm baths, face and body scrubs, you name it! It serves as a great excuse to stop from our busy lives and just listen to your body. And, of course, drink plenty of water, caffeine-free infusions, and some green juices to help the process.

Have you tried fasting?

Fasting is a very popular way of helping the body detox. Intermittent fasting involves an eating time frame of, normally, 8 hours only. I find this much easier to fit into my lifestyle. I also like to try different things and notice the results in my body.

Keep in mind that all bodies are different and that, even your own body can feel different with the same diet at different times.

Be kind to yourself and your health

In my experience, as a psoriatic arthritis warrior, I find healthy eating and choosing anti-inflammatory foods, and avoiding inflammatory ones has been the best long-term solution. We have to be honest and also admit that good food is not always available, or we don’t always want to be so strict.

If you are a woman and still having your period, I will definitely not recommend you do it at this time, there’s already a lot going on inside your beautiful and magnificent body. Not recommended for pregnant women or nursing women. Be informed, be mindful and enjoy the process.

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