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What kinds of things do you avoid doing?

What are some things that you avoid doing every day? For example, do you avoid going up the stairs to get something because you're too fatigued or know it will just make your pain worse? Do you wait to go upstairs until you have more than one thing to grab?

  1. I avoid anything that involves me getting off the couch if I've been sitting for more than 10 minutes! If it's just something quick to grab it's not worth the hobble (I' grateful to have a husband to bug in these instances... "can you bring me my water? Can you get the phone?!")
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

    1. Washing my hair. Ugh!!! I guess this is not really an everyday thing... Well, not for me anyway !

      1. It's definitely a struggle, @himalia!! I have to try and wash my hair today actually (it' been WAY too long). I am not looking forward to it 😬 -Catherine, Community Moderator

      2. @peacockmomma, I'm not sure why I didn't see this reply until now, but yes, I know exactly what you mean! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. Ha! So I agree with everyone....i dont go upstairs unless absolutely necessary, ask my husband for things and avoid washing my hair.....I'm a curly girl so thats

      But, when i am moving....I AM MOVING! up and down stairs, scrubbing the floor, cleaning out cupboards...i try to do it all when i can so i stay moving....i would not recommend doing things this way because it will cause you to sleep for about 12 hours afterwards. But it works for me.

      One other thing i avoid is.....plucking my eyebrows. I cant seem to keep a hold of the tweezers and if i do manage.....its not for long. Something about that motion really aggrevates the PsA in my hands. So i use the little razor shapers to keep things in order when i cant. They seem to work well. I could get waxed but it irritates my skin....yay. So this is just one little thing that i avoid....(that i can think of right mow)

      Good luck all and may your eyebrows be tame!!!

      1. The only thing I really avoid doing is lifting heavy weights. I have moderate degeneration of the spine, which is likely a result of lifting really heavy weights over my head since I was a teenager.

        I still lift weights, twice a week, but I do it MUCH differently now with a routine that's more about strengthening my neck and back than it is looking buff. I also lift light weights now, 3 sets of 12 reps, rather than the 3 sets of 8 reps of heavier weights and the 5x5 supersets of really heavy weights that I used to do.

        I miss it. It sounds dumb to say but my body was like a psychological suit of armor. And watching myself get smaller and smaller over the last few years have been hard.

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