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Stop Methotrexate (after only starting Humira three weeks ago)....

Hi there! This journey is an interesting one to say the least. Here to support and be supported.
I'm frustrated about being advised to stop methotrexate for a month (after having only started Humira three weeks ago so is ineffective) to take doxycycline for my facial skin issues which is clearing up my face. I feel 90 today. Skin yuck or generalized pain? What would you do? Suggestions?

  1. Hi @Molls79, I am so glad you found our community. We are here for you and I hope that our community makes you feel supported. I can understand why you would be frustrated. Why were you advised to stop methotrexate? Jill, Team Member

    1. the doxycycline dangerously raises the effects ofMTX.

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