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Salts for psoriasis

I have read online that people take trips to the dead sea to treat psoriasis, because the combination of mineral in the seawater and the spectrum of ultraviolet light at elevations below sea level is an ideal combination for reducing inflammation and burning off plaques. I was thinking of seeing if use of magnesium chloride or dead sea salts in combination with intermittent sunlight exposure would provide a similar benefit. Has anyone tried this with any success? What salts might better provide benefits, magnesium salt, or dead sea salt which is primarily magnesium but also includes sodium, potassium, etc.?

  1. Hi Eric,

    I know some people that have went to the Dead Sea to treat their psoriasis as well. However, I have not heard of anyone having luck using dead sea salt with the same type of success. I am sure our great members in this community will have information also. You might want to go to our sister website at and post the question there as well. Vickie W., Community Moderator

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