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Psoriatic Arthritis or Neurapothy

My doctor tells me that I have Neuropothy. I am taking Neurotin and it doesn't seem to help. I'm wondering if I don't have Psoriatic Arthritis. I am Celiac and I have Psoriasis I am not Diabetic..
Someone want to give me a helping hand.

  1. I was just diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Psoriatic athritis recently. Took a long time to get the diagnosis years to be exact just got to see a arthritis doctor. I was given Neurotic as well. I am also diabetic have hypothyroidism . I have the flakes and itchy patches on my stomach, back, elbows and scalp a slew of other docs were saying it was seborric dermatitis and that my joints were aching with age has been a real fight can physically see joint changes. My A1C runs about a 5.7/5.8

    1. Hi Knishmiester, it may be a good idea to ask for a second opinion. Also if you aren't already seeing a rheumatologist it may be worth asking for a referral to one - this is who would usually diagnosis psoriatic arthritis and they will be able to do the necessary tests to find out what is going on. We have an article on how PsA is diagnosed, which I thought you may find helpful:

      Whosure and lynn2006, thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. Getting a diagnosis does seem to be extremely difficult for a lot of people and can be very frustrating - I have had issues with this myself so I can empathise!

      Please reach out to us anytime you need support - we are here for you all.

      - CathyD

      1. Hi everyone, I'm new. I see nobody has been here since March? It's now May 2,2017. Anyway I'm Gail. I was recently fx with psoriatic arthritis like lat year. I also have Lupus and Lupus pneumonitius , which affects my lungs and I need 02. I have 02 year around. I'm in the hospital often bc I get pneumonia. But I've been ok this past 6 months. My doctor has me on a immune suppressant for both Lupus and psoriatic arthritis. The Lupus one seems to be working but the SPA one seems to not be working yet. She said it will take several weeks maybe even a few months UHG!!! In the meantime I have extremely bad neuropathy in my feet, sometimes in my hands. But my feet are so bad I'm up most every night. I can't take it. My feet feel like they are burning, or ice cold, I have to feel them so I can tell. And I still can't really tell. Crazy. They swell and I'm still breaking out on my hands and feet. I've tried everything from coconut oil to lavender oil on my feet to turmoil and hot oils. Ibprophen to tylonel 3. Nothing works so I end up just about crying all night long.

        Besides all of the other pain my back shoulders and neck.
        If anyone has any ideas please help? Thanks.
        Love Gail.

        1. Hi Gail, welcome!

          Thank you for sharing with us; please know that you're not alone, and the community is here for you. I'm sorry that you are experiencing so much pain and that you have to wait so long for it to start working. While we can't offer medical advice online, for your safety, you may find this article helpful in addition to any responses from the community!

          Thinking of you.

          Margot, Team

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