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Psoriasis in scalp

In the last six to nine months I have had psoriasis appearing on my scalp. At first and for the longest time it was one spot about the size of the head of a pencil eraser. Now I have 5 or 6 spots and one spot that has appeared near my hairline/forehead. My rheumatologist has me taking methotrexate and Humira and I use Nutrogena T-Gel shampoo twice a week.
Has anyone had any success is ridding the scalp psoriasis?
Any and all suggestions are welcome.
FYI I did message my rheumatologist as well.
Thank you

  1. Hi ,

    Thank you for sharing here. I'm sorry to read that you're dealing with scalp psoriasis. I had it severely from very young until sometime in my twenties, so I know the struggle! I still have it but it's MUCH better (my scalp doesn't feel like a cauliflower when I run my fingers over it anymore !).

    What helped get my scalp psoriasis under control initially was Dovonex scalp solution (calcipotriene topical solution). Once it had calmed down, I found I was able to maintain it by switching to an SLS-free shampoo and using a coal tar shampoo occasionally, as needed. That's just my personal experience, of course, and everyone is different. Some people find they need a stronger topical or a systemic medication. Have you been on the methotrexate and Humira for long?

    I'm glad that you were able to message your rheumatologist about this. If you feel comfortable posting an update, I'd be interested to hear what they say. I hope others will stop by and share their experiences with you - I'm always curious to hear how everyone manages their scalp psoriasis! -Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. Hi @Hilababy, if you are looking for other scalp Psoriasis shampoos and treatments you can go to the National Psoriasis Foundation website and find products they give their Seal of Recognition to. Vickie W., Community Moderator

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